Jewelry 101 : How to Care for Your Jewelry

Here are some tips to give your jewelry a happy, shiny life!

1) Avoid showering, working out or swimming in your jewelry. While Rach B Jewelry is made of sterling silver and 14K gold filled, all of these daily life activities cause oxidation to metals from soaps, oils and chemicals.

2) To take care of your Rach B pieces, store them in their signature tin box. This will keep the pieces less exposed to air and its pollutants that can cause oxidation over time (and it will look like you have mad organizing skills!)

3) The Rach B tin box will also keep your jewelry safe while traveling from getting tangled and smashed (we’ve all been there!)

4) Zzzz! Jewelry needs beauty rest too.

5) Give them a polish every now and then with a jewelry tarnish cloth. (I don’t recommend the dip cleaning solutions - they are harsh and strip the original polish. Your pieces will be more porous and exposed allowing air pollutants to tarnish them even faster and more often.)

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