Favorite Everyday Necklaces

Through the summer and approaching Fall, I am adding some layers here and there and one thing is consistent - my everyday jewelry style. I like to get a lot of wear out of a piece and make it versatile within my rotation. The ease to dress up or down. Truly, it accomplishes one of my biggest goals.

For a short necklace, I love the double bar necklace. The bars slide with movement and therefore always find its center. It also hangs a little lower than average at 20” so you can still wear your favorite shorter 16” (perhaps, sentimental) everyday necklace to layer with.

The lariat “Y” drop necklace is another go-to. It is surprisingly super easy to wear. The lariat style necklace doesn’t fight with your crew, scoop or v necklines. It is simple drama at it’s best.

Happy layering - jewelry or clothing!